Want to go the home gym route but not sure what you need or where to start?

Unsure of the best equipment to suite your particular needs and budget?

Want to start a home exercise program that is safe, effective and maximizes the time you can devote to getting in shape?

I can help you…

It starts with an initial consultation where we go over your overall goals, time constraints, physical limitations, if any, equipment budget, and space constraints.

I will run you through a basic Functional Movement Screen to asses your physical readiness and discover any potential movement deficiencies that could set you up for an injury down the road.

 If any deficiencies are found you will get a plan with personalized corrective exercises to address the issue and get you ready to move safely.

Then, depending on your goals and time commitment I will write you up a series of customized plans to meet your needs and the equipment you have to work with.

These plans can be as basic or involved as you want, readily scalable and easily interchanged and modified as you progress. If you have particular athletic goals/events you are preparing for we can take that into account as well.