Take your health back

My number one goal is to get my clients back to doing what they love doing, as well as what they need to do, pain free as quickly as possible. I treat soft tissue injuries that are common in both sports and general overuse. I also provide ongoing preventative maintenance care, (PREHAB), in an effort to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Treating the cause, not the symptom

My goal is to not only treat your injury but also educate you in the process. I want you to understand why you became injured in the first place and to gain the knowledge you need to keep your injury from coming back. I tend to resist labeling an injury but try to ascertain the “why” behind your injury. My mission is to treat/fix your injury from the source. I will not treat your symptoms. I will use the information your symptoms provide to inform a treatment protocol unique to you and your issue. At our initial session I will, in most cases, employ a series of biomechanical assessments that will typically include a detailed postural evaluation, gait analysis, functional movement screens, and basic orthopedic muscle testing in an effort to find muscle imbalances, inflammation and the cause of the pain issue/injury. I believe in treating the body as an interconnected unit rather than a series of isolated parts. I treat and seek to resolve the issues at the source rather than just treating your symptom patterns.

Accelerated results

It’s also important for you to understand the treatment process and rational.  I will utilize a multi-modal approach to treating your injury combining a variety of soft tissue therapies as well as assigning the proper corrective exercises to both compliment and speed the recovery process. By utilizing highly precise, state of the art soft tissue treatment based modalities in conjunction with specific corrective exercises/stretching protocols I can usually greatly reduce and often eliminate the problem in as little as 3-6 sessions. 



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